Credibility has become the most important factor in judging a person or a business. Especially where anybody can claim to be a person or a representative of a business, the need of the hour is the ability to prove and retain the goodwill without someone coming and smearing bad names over that hard-earned trust in you and your company.

When we thought of writing a guide for Blue Badge, the best example I had in mind is the Coca-Cola Pepsi feud. It was a long-fought war and the advertising community learned years of experience in a matter of months by seeing the two powerhouses fight it out between themselves tooth and nail.

However, for everyone who observed keenly, there was something else that was out there in the open for everybody to see. These two behemoths thrashed all other competition out of the park. They were the best from a long way out and their credibility rose significantly. And that is perhaps why even after so many years, these companies have remained the titans of their business.

Now, Mike, you are a man who is not even close to giving these guys a run for their money. I know that is true, but you gotta start somewhere right? So why don’t you start by putting a badge on to that feather cap of yours as you vigorously advertise your products on Facebook? Ah! You did not get me. Well, friend, Facebook grants a Blue Badge to the authentic people who are trying to find a way ahead. If you are genuine, Facebook adds a blue badge to your name to let the world know that you are the man or the woman they should be dealing with. About how that can happen, we will talk about further into the article.

Blue Badge vs. Grey Badge

While browsing the plethora of pages on Facebook you may have wondered why most of your favorite personalities, businesses, brands, etc. have either a blue tick or grey tick on them. Here’s the answer: those ticks are badges provided by Facebook to verify the authenticity and uniqueness of the content of those pages and of the page itself.

For a blue badge, Facebook states that,

“If you see a blue badge on a Page or profile, it means that Facebook confirmed that this is the authentic Page or profile for this public figure, media company, or brand. Keep in mind that not all public figures, celebrities, and brands on Facebook have blue badges.”

For a grey badge, Facebook states that,

“If you see a grey badge on a Page, it means that Facebook confirmed that this is an authentic Page for this business or organization.”

The difference between a blue badge and a grey badge is that a blue badge is more difficult to get as this is more reserved. Getting a blue badge on Facebook means that your page has a higher chance of getting noticed since it will verify that your unique page and there is no other page similar to it on Facebook.

The blue badge on Facebook is the best way to ensure that your followers know about the authenticity of your page. This is particularly important in this era of duplication where there may be pages with content similar to your page and a blue badge ensures that your followers know they are at the right place.

On the other hand, a grey badge is just a marker for verification of a service or company. Say there’s a Christmas Store on the 9th Street that is available on Facebook. If it requests for a badge (a grey badge), it will easily get one since it’s an established shop.

However, a blue badge is harder to achieve and the coveted one because there’s a lot that goes behind getting one. The hard truth is that not everyone can get a Blue Badge, but any established company or service, or brand can get a grey badge because they ‘exist’ and operate.

Who can get verified with a blue badge on Facebook?

The priority categories of Facebook for receiving blue badges are:

  1. Specific personalities (eg: musicians, athletes, journalists, politicians, celebrities, etc.)
  2. Specific brands or businesses
  3. Sports companies
  4. Media companies
  5. Entertainment companies
  6. Government officials

You see, the blue badge is a pretty exclusive category for pages and comes with a plethora of features that can help to grow your brand in the world of social media.

3 reasons why the Facebook Blue Badge matters

Apart from the instant ego boost (you can’t deny this), the Facebook Blue Badge has a lot more to offer than just the coveted shine and hue that most pages would kill for. Here are some of the innumerable benefits that you can reap when you have your Page blessed with a Blue Badge by Facebook.

  • It builds instant credibility behind your name:

The blue badge beside your name is the world’s third-largest used website certifying that you are a genuine person. How incredible is that?

A lot of people think that hiring social media managers is a joke or a waste of resources. A lot of companies think so too and we do not blame them. Also, the funny thing was that these social media managers were basically kids. Young adults who were handling entire business campaigns on social media platforms.

However, two decades since then, the companies have hugely grown and the dire need for social media managers has grown more than ever. The Facebook blue badge is just over 1200 pixels but the impact it generates as you being a genuine and credible individual is magnanimous.

  • Increase in Followers Base:

A verified badge helps in garnering followers. If this is not already obvious, let us break it down for you (ugh!). Now the Facebook Blue Badge that you get will help you in gathering followers. Why do you ask? This is because the blue badge helps in proving that you are a genuine business and the customers feel safe. Maybe this was not the scenario some 20 years ago, but today the world runs on a credibility scale and is heavily dependent on social traction.

The Facebook verification thus serves as an important means for customers to verify the authenticity and trust is thus reposed in you and your business. The more followers you gain is in itself an advertisement that you are worth the word of mouth and the goodwill you have come to accumulate.

  • Improved Page Ranking (although Google doesn’t mention it):

The Facebook verification also gives you more traction on a Google search. In order to deliver the best results, Google is always verifying data against a scale of metrics that assure the best answers are supplied as per the user’s requirement.

Now a Facebook verified page or business ranks high in that metric list because the background work has already been done by another site and all that they have to do is verify if it is still an active site.

It is true that Google publishes no data on this front or rankings for that matter. But when viewed from a search engine’s point of view, a social verification from a corporate house as big as Facebook surely does work wonders.

A lot of SEO skill goes into this, but the main metric is always reliability based on customer reviews and the reach of the business on the locality being searched. Hence, (and as I always love to say) you don’t need Google to verify it. If it works on an algorithm, it has a pattern, and if it has a pattern, there is a way to ace it.

10 Tricks to Increase your Chances of Getting a Blue Badge

Getting a blue badge on Facebook means that the platform recognizes you and the contribution that you make as a page. Facebook doesn’t give away the blue badge easily and it actually takes a lot of effort to get one. In this section, I’m going to tell you all about 10 tricks that can be used by you to increase the chances of getting that blue badge for your page. Getting a blue badge is no joke and before you get started with the tricks, you should ensure that your page is all about the brand and nothing else. Anything that is even remotely unrelated to your brand should not be on your page.

Look at your page with the eyes of a customer and then remove anything that you think is unnecessary. Maintain a professional outlook and create a very classy aura. Don’t forget to look for anything copied or any kind of grammatical errors because they don’t give a good impression. Without further ado, let’s get started with the 10 tricks that can work wonders to enhance your chances to get a Facebook Blue Badge, shall we?

1.   Meet the Minimum Eligibility Criteria set by Facebook (obviously)

The first step to getting the blue tick on your page and getting verified on Facebook is to meet the eligibility criteria of the website. I mean this should not even be a question, right?

–       Authenticity

Firstly ensure that your content is authentic and engaging. This is the most important thing you have to do to convince Papa Zuckerberg that you deserve to stand out among the millions of verification requests Facebook receives daily. Your page must be unique which means that the content of your page should not be available anywhere else.

–       Notability

Also, your brand must be a well-known entity that must get mentions on Facebook.

P.S: The paid mentions do not count.

–       A Complete Profile Page

The page must have a complete profile with a profile picture, a cover photo, and at least one post. Give all the required information like contact numbers, addresses, etc. Also, ensure your contacts know about your page because we all know the power of human beings to support other human beings particularly in the world of social media in giving mentions and shout-outs.

–       Unique Presence

Keep it simple, creative, and original on your page so that more people engage with your content in order to convince Facebook that you deserve their coveted blue tick.

2.   Post Professional and Engaging Content

A brand gets instant brownie points from its audience for professionalism. Professionalism gives your brand an edge and instantly creates a feeling of credibility. Talking about engagement, well interesting content is what attracts you right? Likewise, engaging content is what’ll make your page stand out. If you want your page to be a cupcake in a world full of muffins, then you should definitely consider these two factors. Professionalism and posting engaging content should be a part of your daily routine since they are the gateway to the nut from the Ice Age – The Blue Badge.

How to Write Engaging Engaging Content for Facebook Page?

We all know that the sine qua non of social media marketing is to provide original, creative, and engaging content. I mean no one likes to see the content they have seen a million times already. Professionalism is the other keyword here.

The best way to pave your path to getting a Facebook Blue Badge is to follow the gurus of social media marketing – in order to be a pro, you have to learn from the pros. Sharpen up your originality in order to survive in the world of social media, create content that appeals to the emotions of your customers and followers, and do not forget to tag your friends and contacts on your posts.

–       Publish Evergreen Content

The most powerful weapon you can use to generate revenue or drive traffic for your Facebook page would be to create evergreen and timeless content. After all, nobody wants to read the content they have already seen elsewhere right?

If your content is timeless it will stay on the newsfeed longer and that will help to increase engagement on your posts. Also, be sure to let your followers know that they have liked and engaged with you in the past. This will lead to an increase in engagement in your posts and Facebook will increase the distribution of posts such that it appears in other people’s news feeds for longer periods.

For posts that perform well, there are many ways by which that content can be reutilized. A simple way to reutilize content would be to select the content that has done exceeding well and has added value to your target audience in a spreadsheet. Later approach the same content from a different angle and either create a new angle to it or change the context. You have to also keep in mind that video content can outperform text content and sometimes vice versa. The key to understanding what is the best content for your target audience is to understand what resonates best with them.

Another way to come up with evergreen content is content curation. It is not about plagiarizing other’s content but more about collecting posts from across the internet in order to share them with your network. But it’s just a little bit more than just coming across an interesting post, liking it, and sharing it. Instead, content curation should be treated like content creation. You should therefore spend hours analyzing posts on the same topic before sharing them with your audience in a consistent publishing schedule.

Here’s how you can create evergreen and captivating posts that inspire action:

  • Use exceptional visuals
  • Do not be too formal
  • Keep it short and snappy
  • Ask a pertinent question
  • Be human
  • Inspire a clear call for action (Be careful in asking people to simply like, comment or share)

–       Host Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests act as one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. A contest or a giveaway instantly excites the audience and it also makes them pay attention to all of your posts. You can run a giveaway or contest and ask your audience to tag people in the comments or ask them a question that they will have to answer in order to participate. It can be a fun activity for your page and the audience and a very natural way to get engagement.

However, contests will lose their flair if you host them every single day. One craves for things that are not available at all times, and thus, you should keep contests and giveaways once in a blue moon (at strategic timings) so that your audience gets excited whenever they are held.

–       End Your Posts with Questions

People are more likely to pay attention to your posts if you make them personalized and try to involve them in a conversation. Asking your audience questions at the end of your posts will draw their attention towards your page and it will lead to a higher engagement.

Opening the door for a conversation will encourage your audience to reply to you and engage in the comment section. Depending upon how you want your audience to react, you can ask a light-headed, or a funny question, an intriguing question, or a question that might have unexpected reactions (asking a controversial question works when you’re looking for tea).

–       Do not Write Lengthy Posts

Crispness and conciseness are what you need to catch the attention of your audience and keep it intact. Let’s face it, nobody has the time to read long and lengthy captions and it just makes the audience lose their interest. Don’t get over-excited and give out more information than is necessary. Try to create to-the-point captions and only write what shouldn’t be missed out.

–       Make the content visually stimulating

Imagine scrolling through your Facebook feed casually. Do you stop to take a look at each and every post? No! You scroll casually and then you only stop to pay attention to a visually stimulating post. That’s it. That’s exactly what your audience is also looking for – visually stimulating content. There is a saying that there is always more to things than what meets the eye, but the visuals do create the first impression, don’t they?

Your posts should make the audience stop and stare. Your content should be expressive and you can use creative ideas to make masterpieces.

–       Create Engaging Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are a new way to get engagement on your page and you can actually do polls, ask your audience questions, give them a sneak peek of the behind the scenes, give them a glimpse of what’s coming next, ask for creative ideas, and basically interact with your audience in more fun, and casual manner. Emotions drive one’s soul, and stories are a great way to create an emotional connection with your audience.

3.   Consider Facebook ads to Boost Engagement

One of the many effective and organic ways of getting that gorgeous blue badge beside your page’s name is by boosting the engagement on your posts. High levels of engagement on the posts indicate to Facebook that more and more people are liking your work, and your page then comes under the spotlight. You can boost engagement by posting regular and quality content, and to make it less hectic for you, Facebook has its ad feature which works miraculously.

Facebook ads are a great way to boost your engagement and as a matter of fact, Facebook ads increase your brand’s awareness in a very natural way. They have a very significant impact on building the awareness of your brand as your posts appear in front of your page’s potential followers. A person is more likely to purchase from a brand he/she is familiar with, and that is exactly what Facebook ads aim to do.

Apart from increasing brand awareness, Facebook ads are also great as they effectively increase the traffic on your website as well. This can be done by setting the ad in a way that whoever taps on it will directly go to the website. Facebook ads also contribute to increasing one’s leads, sales, and revenue. It will be an investment that’ll definitely lead to visible growth. However, it is not as easy as it looks. I suggest you hire a specialist or train yourself before you invest hefty amounts of money in Facebook ads.

Imagine this. You’re using Facebook and an ad for a brand named XYZ appears in front of you. The brand has great products but you don’t need them at the moment and you scroll past them. After a while, you open Facebook again and the same brand appears so this time you open up to take a look at it. You are impressed by the products, and you give the page a like so that you can buy from them wherever you’ll need those products. It happens with all of us right? It is basic human psychology and as someone who has a page, Facebook ads will increase your customer attribution and more people will be attracted to your page, just like you did as a customer yourself.

Not only that, Facebook advertising acts as a magnet for off-line sales as well. People might come across your page or your website through Facebook ads and then visit you in person to buy the desirable products. Also, have you ever noticed that whenever you visit a website and then visit Facebook, you come across the advertisement of that same website? This is a very effective tactic used by Facebook known as remarketing. Remarketing works wonders.

That’s not the end of it. Facebook ads also tend to go viral. If your ads hit the profiles of the right audience, your page might end up getting referred. Word-of-mouth goes a long way and this will ensure that many people are attracted to your brand. Facebook ads also increase your SEO rankings as more likes and shares and views and comments lead to more engagement. Launching a new product? You can count on Facebook advertisements to get the news out there in the world. To put it in simple words, if getting a blue badge is your destination, then Facebook ads are your way to it.

4.   Keep your Page’s information up-to-date

If you are fetching for that blue badge, then you need to ensure that the information on your page stays up to date. From your website, and the Email address along with your contact information, to your page’s description and bio, each of these should be updated as Facebook takes a look at this information before handing you over the blue badge.

How to ensure your Page is up-to-date?

Your page’s About box makes it easier for your audience to know all about you. Make an attractive about the box and fill it with all the necessary details. From your location to the contacts, add everything that is necessary for your business and keep it updated if anything changes with time. Another feature that Facebook has is the Call to Action button. This button can actually act as your weapon as with its use, you can drive traffic on your mobile application or your website. Another way to achieve your goals is by choosing a featured video. Adding a featured video to your Facebook page will make the page 10x more attractive. The video will appear right above the about box.

Following the steps of all of Facebook’s updates and using the latest Facebook page’s features will also help you in securing the blue badge. Posting regular content and making good use of publishing tools also go a long long way. Try to make your page as interesting as you can, and keep up with the trends to stay up to date.

5.   Provide a link to your official website

To receive Facebook verification, you need to have the right links. To proceed further with the approval, you must have an official business website to link back to Facebook. Linking back is the best way to create a Facebook professional looking page. Placing valid links from other social media platforms are very important for receiving the desired badge.

Having your website has its benefits, not only can you use it for backlinking but also provide your clients with a sense about your work before they reach you out on a call or visit you. A full-fledged website with all your products and services at a single platform allows your clients to seek credibility to know that they can trust their money and quality.

6.   Interact with your audience

Let us look at it this way- if you follow an influencer and they engage with you by liking and replying to your comments, you will feel connected to them in a better way right? In a similar fashion, interacting and engaging with your audience on your Facebook page will make you more visible and it will increase your page’s credibility. Interaction and engagement build trust which will further turn a viewer into a customer.

If you want your fans or your customers to contact you directly, then you should enable the messaging feature on your page. You can enable this feature by going to your general settings. In my opinion, if you wish your customers or your fans to get convenient access, then you should definitely consider turning on the messages feature. It will act as a great way to interact with your audience directly, further leading to increased engagement.

Another way to grasp the attention of your audience and keep them engaged with your posts is by replying to their comments and interacting with them politely. You can keep a track of the comments by looking at the notification tab, and respond to those that you love. Your audience might also have queries or some intriguing questions, you can reply to them and get those extra points for acting professionally.

Understanding and acting according to your audience’s behavior is an art that one needs to master as someone who is working towards getting the blue badge on Facebook. Your audience not only interacts by liking and commenting on your posts, but it also gives you indirect hints by not engaging. Try to trace the behavior of your audience by posting at different times, or by changing your content. When you get the best of results, then you’ll know what your audience is looking for.

7.   Connect with verified businesses or people

This is similar to networking and I will take the pains of explaining to you why this is important because it is. A lot of your revenue rides on this and there is a reason why. In order to succeed in the modern world, you will need to be well connected. And how do you do that? You do that by going out of your way and connecting with corporations. This has two-way benefits. Them talking with you creates a sense of mutual sense of fraternity and this, in turn, may help you to loan their earnings or assets to generate your own revenues.

On the other hand, a regular exchange is picked up by search engines too as a sign of credibility. It is often found that search engines show local businesses as good alternatives against big brands simply because of some online interaction that the search engine metric managed to tally the data against. Talk about leeching success!

8.   Increase the authority of your page

Building the authority and the presence of the page is quite important and it goes a long way. Growing your presence will come with its own set of benefits like you’ll have quality posts on your page, and your credibility will only move upwards. Growing your presence and authority has nothing to do with the number of likes on your page. The performance of your page is determined by the supportive engagement on your posts.

If you are looking for ways to increase your page’s engagement, you should aim to attract the right kind of viewers who will actually engage with each one of your posts. Random people or fans will never engage appropriately and so instead of running behind the target audience, you need to look for those who will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that your content and posts knock on the news feeds of those who are genuinely interested in it.

Wondering what needs to be done to build an engaging audience? I’ve got you covered. Keep posting relevant and regular content on your feed so that your brand’s presence sticks in their hearts and minds. You also don’t want to give up consistency as after all, consistency is the key. Building a persona can be done by taking a look at the insights of your posts and your page. From background, gender, and location, to your audience’s age, and occupation, you can put all of this data to target the right kind of people.

You can then use your persona while promoting or boosting your posts. Creating a custom audience will give you better results. All I can say is, engagement and presence is the key to getting that blue badge.

9.   Add a CTA Button

For the uninitiated, a call-to-action or a CTA button directs the crowd from the Facebook page directly to your website. It is like a toll-way if you want to think of it like that! In more geek terms, a CTA is a button like ‘Buy here’ which will take the customer right to the business website you hosted. The like and share buttons attract more traffic towards the products they promote and the adverts they make. Adding a link to the button that takes a customer to the website is a grand way to show the range of products that you serve and makes for an easier comparison of price vs value from the viewpoint of the customer.

10. Do not EVER buy the Facebook Blue Badge

Facebook has its own set of terms and going against it can simply come back to haunt you. Buying the blue badge can put your page in jeopardy as if Facebook finds out, your page might get suspended or removed. The blue badge is Facebook’s property and going against the platform’s rules will only harm your page’s progress.

Let us say that you buy the blue badge and get away with it. Rules apart, is it really something that you’d like to have? The blue badge is a sign of all the hard work that goes into turning that page into a huge platform, and if you simply buy it, will it be worth the risk? Please consider what I’m trying to say, and give it a second thought if buying a Facebook blue badge was something you were willing to do.

Step-by-Step Guide on Getting Verified on Facebook

Facebook verification is free of cost, but yes, you need to put your best effort into setting up your page before Facebook hands over the badge to you. While submitting the verification request, you had to fill in all required details like your bio, email address, business description, website, etc., and review it for accuracy. The aim behind filling up the form is to fill it up with every piece of information accurately so that your page shouts loud for you as “legitimate and credible” in front of the authorities.

Let’s have a look at the step by step guide for the Facebook verification:

  1. Start with the verification form:

To initiate verification, you need to submit the verification form to request the authorities to consider. The form is relatively short and straightforward.

Step 2: Now select the account and the verification type:

Choose the verification type you are going for. Here you can get a profile or a page verified. Once you have selected the account type you want to verify, you can choose the account from the verification dropdown. Note, the form only allows you to request verification for one account at a time.

While choosing the account, you would like to go for; the eligibility criteria are different for both. If you are submitting for profile verification, you need to provide a profile URL and require many followers to mark your credibility for a blue checkmark.

Step 3: Choose your category for the profile or page:

Upon choosing the profile or page, you had to select the category you belong to in this step. Facebook offers you to choose one category from its drop-down list. In case you weren’t able to find the requisite type relevant to your profile or page, then select “Others”.

Choosing the right account is very important because it helps the Facebook authorities to determine the influence in the particular industry for verification.

Step 4: Mention your country:

Start typing your country name, and you will get a full list of similar words to choose from. Enter the name of the country from which the entity, individual, or company originates. 

Step 5: Attach your ID proofs:

To verify your profile or page, Facebook requires ID proof to prove your identity. To pursue the same, you need to attach the pictures for identifying the documents.

For submitting the documents, you had to choose between the entity you are trying for verifications. The verification is different for individuals and businesses. For Individuals, you are required to submit your official ID comprising date of birth and full name. Most of the time, the Passport and Driving License are uploaded for identification.

Suppose you are choosing for any business, entity, organization, brand, or any non-person entity. In that case, you need to provide the below-listed document including a watermark or official seal of the entity. The Documents accepted by Facebook are listed below:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Organization’s utility or phone bill
  • Article of Incorporation
  • Tax exemption documents for the organization

Step 6: Why you are looking for Facebook verification:

This step allows you to state your reason for Facebook verification and why you want your Facebook profile verified. If you are a public figure or have a notable account, the verification will be in the public interest. Facebook also allows you to include a few social media accounts to know your credibility for verification.

Try stating your specific reasons to pursue Facebook verification and how it will benefit Facebook users and your business. Explanations should be practical to help you to get through.

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Organization’s utility or phone bill
  • Article of Incorporation
  • Tax exemption documents for the organization

Step 7: Submit:

Once you have filled your form and attached the documents, hit the “Send” button.

On submission of the request for Facebook verification, the entity does not have a typical timeframe to reply. You can expect a reply in 48 hours or at times it can take 40 days or longer too. In case you have submitted a request for a business account, then the chances are high that Facebook will take a long time to reply as they will be reviewing documents to confirm their authenticity.

Once you receive your reply for denial or approval, you will receive an alert from Facebook. If you receive the notification for denial, try reapplying in the next 30 days and try adding more information to get the approval.