With Christmas knocking at the door, it’s pretty natural to bask in the scent of the air filled with love, compassion, and absolute gaiety. With the high-spiritedness of celebrating Christmas in its truest form, comes the perplexity of figuring out what to get your friends and family.

That, in my opinion, is the one plan that never seems to be sorted out. Keeping their preference and your budget in mind, your legs might sometimes stride you to the bookstore, sometimes to the bakery, and sometimes to the gadget shop, and at the end of the day, you can still be baffled about what to gift them.

My point is, I completely understand the dilemma, and to solve it, here’s a list of 10 Christmas gift ideas (with where to buy them) that they’ll be thrilled to find under the big tree whipped with trinkets and fairy lights!

So, who’s in for some Christmas Shopping?

1.   Books

When Neil Gaiman said books have whole worlds inside them- every bibliophile related. Books, in all brevity, have the power to give you a full blow of reality or tickle you with laughter or give you those butterflies and transport you to a whole new parallel- there’s nothing quite like them.

So, when you’re gifting your friend a book, you’re giving them Christmas warmth wrapped in magic and enlightenment.

Go for them without a second thought!

Top Choice

# Everything is F*cked: A Book about Hope

Life’s spinning out of control but you certainly don’t have to. Mark Manson’s Everything is F*cked is a book calling to tackle some deeply embedded underlying issues about the materialistic ‘happiness’ , in a wonderfully accessible and creative manner.

Invoking and breaking down questions about hard science, moral philosophy with gobs of wit to keep your belly aching with laughter, Everything is F*cked is a book that is guaranteed to question your notion about materialistic and facile happiness and hopefully change your life, steering it to a better direction.

The dark humor and the blunt prose make the book an engaging read that will keep anyone turning the pages for hours under the blanket with a warm cup of coffee. Succinctly, Manson doesn’t fail to remind us of how we shouldn’t sweat out the small stuff and keep chilling and celebrating the small things in life that are worth more than those Instagram filters or the stereotypical definitions of many things such as beauty, life, happiness, and sexuality!

Giving enough thought-provoking and counterintuitive insights, this book is the best gift to anyone who has been feeling low lately and couldn’t see beyond the bleak end of the moment.

Where to Buy: The hilarious and deeply insightful book by Mark Manson is available on Amazon for $17.99 for the paperback version.

2.   Lavender Honey

From DIY face masks to culinary, Lavender honey is the first love of any French connoisseur. With the delicate floral scent and irresistible flavor, lavender honey can be used by your recipient in a number of ways- that’s about it. From cooking vanilla cookies with it to cherishing its skincare benefits, lavender honey has all that your loved ones need to stay glowing and healthy.

Labeled as a superfood, this french gourmet, or as they call it miel de lavande, makes the best choice for your friends or family passionate about French delicacies.

Just in case you’re a fan of British royalty- Prince Charles prefers honey in his tea to satiate his sweet tooth.

Top Choice

# Petaluma Lavender Blossom Honey

Infused with the goodness of lavender, Petaluma Lavender Blossom Honey is loved by its customers for its distinct gourmet taste that is imparted by only the best of lavenders grown in Sonoma County, California.

The cute teddy bear-shaped bottle will win the heart of anyone you’ll be gifting it to. It pairs extremely well with cheese and its benefits stretch a very long way. Grown in the best of strategically placed apiaries, Petaluma Lavender Blossom Honey has a sensation for a taste that will make the recipient go ‘That is bliss!’

Where to Buy:

The delectable honey with its innumerable benefits is available on Lavender Bee Farm for $20.00

3.   Smart Garden Kit

Personally, gardening acts as therapy when I feel upset, but the thing is, I don’t really have a garden or a backyard.

Umm, what? A garden kit.

When your gardening enthusiast recipient loves digging up the soil and watch flowers and plants brim indoor and outdoor, gifting them a garden kit, is the most meaningful present that will always remind them of how important it is to be grounded in nature and relish in its beauty, even when they do not have much space to take on gardening in its full form.

That’s one part of the equation. The other is – gardening just elevated to SMART. Garden kits do not have to be messy, ridden with bugs, or need much care, anymore – they now come with germination bags, bug resistant pots, and AUTO GROWING FEATURE.

Top Choices

#1 Big Smart Hydroponics Growing System Dual Power Indoor Garden Kit

Experience real growing miracles that aren’t just limited to herbs and small flower plants with Big Smart’s excellent Hydroponics Growing System. If the gift recipient is an avid gardener that doesn’t want to be constrained from growing veggies and fruits like tomatoes, cucumbers, and even melons, this smart garden kit can be greatly utilitarian.

The smart sensor control gives the pump instructions to regulate the temperature within the garden, so the one who gets this doesn’t have to worry about biting frost or burning summers- the garden is self-sufficient!

With its super harvest, you can grow bigger veggies that were earlier difficult to harvest in land, and the plus part? You don’t even have to get all messy with the soil! Be it anywhere from the office to a closed balcony, Big Smart Hydroponics Indoor Garden Kit can have the plants growing with grace.

Where to Buy:

The indoor garden kit is available on Amazon at $139.90.

#2 Veritable Smart Indoor Garden

With ample space to grow plants in optimum conditions, a Veritable Smart Indoor Garden is the best gift for anyone who loves to cook.

A much cheaper alternative to Big Smart, Veritable allows you to grow small veggies and herbs to bring out the burst of flavor in your cooking with your own home-grown plants.

The kit provides to grow four different plants simultaneously without limiting its effectiveness or the plant’s growth. Definitely, an outstanding [orduct, crowd-funded via Kickstarter, Veritable Smart Indoor Garden has everything sorted out for the recipient to grow clean and edible plants with ease in constricted space.

Where to Buy: Veritable® Smart Indoor Garden is available on MoMa Design Stores for $249.00

4.   Scented Candles

Want to gift your loved ones something that enhances the look of their warm home?

 Photo frames? They have tons of those.

Beautifying artifacts? Make a huge dent in your wallet.

Scented candles? Perfect.

Apart from enhancing room decor, scented candles are always linked to bringing peace and uplifting mood to one of serenity and relaxation. Scented candles are inextricably linked to rejuvenation, which is sure to overwhelm your recipient with refreshment when the pleasant fragrance hits their nostrils.

Their high versatility makes them the best fail-proof gifts for fitting any ambiance from cozy, intimate dates to formal meetings.

All (in)hail scented candles (see what I did there?)

Top Choice

#Homesick Seattle Candle

Does your friend live away from home and Christmas makes him feel terribly homesick? The best you could do is let them relish in the fragrance of the lane they grew up on. How do you do that? Homesick Candles.

My particular favorite is the Seattle scent that embodies the bucolic vibes blended with a touch of urban. From Sea breezes of Southern California to the scent of the blooming spring in NYC, Homesick Candles brings the recipient the vibes of their place to them, no matter where they are.

When they can’t go home for Christmas, bring home to them with the Homesick Candles!

Where to Buy:

From Chicago to Brasil, all Homesick Candles are available on Amazon at $31.47

5.   Instant Camera

Rather than relegating pictures to dusty digital albums, turn a picture into memory with instant cameras. They, by all means, make the best Christmas gifts for your photogenic friends. Even if they aren’t photogenic, instant cameras can give them the vintage vibes that are so synonymous with Christmas.

In a world full of futuristic tech, it is almost nostalgic to see a device take a snapshot with a button and develop a memorable lo-fi colored, and timelessly attractive physical print later.

Let them capture that guy having his hearty meal, or that woman smiling her fullest, or the clouds enshrouding the city on a rainy day- an instant camera makes every moment surprisingly refreshing when they rummage through the photographs later!

Top Choices

#1 Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

With a chunky plastic construction and foolproof operation, Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is definitely the winner in the instant camera segment with some really dope features like the advanced Mini LiPlay and automatic flash.

It’s as simple as the cameras get with no way to disable the flash or a self-timer, which is the whole point of owning a vintage camera to give your recipient the intoxicating 90’s vibes.

Equipped with a 60mm, f/12.7 fixed lens, Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 has a lens adjustable selfie mode to click candid lofi pictures with mesmerizing moody contrasts. The bubble-like camera has an elegant look making it a premium Christmas gift for the recipient.

Where to Buy:

Fujifilm Instax is one of the most affordable Instant Cameras available on Amazon at $69.00.

#2 Canon Ivy Cliq

This instant camera is more of a hybrid between analog ‘films’ and futuristic smarts. Canon has always been one of the pioneers in the photography segment and with its first instant effort, Canon Ivy Cliq, the company has surely done a good job with instant cameras.

What makes it a great party camera is the built-in LED ring flash and an automated focus that allows you to take as many beautiful selfies as you want to, with your peeps.

The credit-card sized prints are more detailed than FujiFilm Instax Mini11 with an 8MP sensor that gives even the average-priced smartphones tough competition. Bluetooth support allows you to make it into a portable printer.

Not sure what else you need to rush and get one for your favorite human already!

Where to Buy:

Canon Ivy Cliq is available on Amazon at a reasonable price of $89.

6.   Cookie Kit

You can’t miss the most wonderful time of the year without gifting Christmas cookies to your loved ones. These beautiful delicacies go hand in hand with Christmas festivities and in every cafe that you see and every bakery that you enter, the bakers are taking their time to bake cookies galore.

This delicious custom is what gives Christmas its magical vibes and without it, Christmas isn’t Christmas anymore! You may have started taking in the holiday vibes, but if you do not have time to spend weeks baking and decorating your cookies, the readymade delicacies such as the gingerbread man that is now so synonymous with Christmas, always come to your help.

Filled with deliciousness and baked with love, these Christmas cookies (below) are what dreams are made of!

Top Choice

# Cookie Society Holiday Dozen Gift Crate

Need we say more? The special box of Holiday Dozen Gift Crate makes any holiday complete with its chewy, delectable treats!

Everyone sends in the peppermint and chocolate cookies but this one definitely stands out. This artisanal crate has 12 individual, completely scrumptious assorted cookies to satiate any recipient with a sweet tooth.

When Christmas is all about living in the moment and embracing the spirits, these cookies with their natural dulcet taste are sure to swirl in your mouth, giving you the ‘definitely not the basic batch’ flavor and taste in each box.

Where to Buy:

Get these delectable crunchies on Amazon.

7.   Coffee Mug Warmer

Rock-n-roll and blue jeans are the intrinsic part of American culture, but so is coffee. From Starbucks to the custom rituals, a cup of coffee is entangled in the roots of America he people that can’t go a day without it.

The locally roasted fair trade beans to artistically crafted barista taste, coffee has diverse forms and diverse bases, but the one thing that never changes is the MUG!

If your friend is a caffeine addict but takes perpetuity to finish a cup, getting them a mug that constantly serves the coffee like it’s freshly brewed is possibly the most thoughtful purchase you’ll be making for them on Christmas.

Maybe they are busy with an important project or outright forgot they made coffee in the first place, a coffee mug warmer is always a great replacement to the trouble of rushing to the kitchen to warm a cup of coffee.

Top Choice

#1 Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

The included charging coaster allows you to keep using this innovative ceramic mug all day without having to frequently hop into your kitchen to warm a small cup of coffee.

What’s better is the LED personalization of the color that alarms you when your favorite drink has reached the preset temperature. When nature takes its course cooling down their coffee in the chilly winter, Ember Ceramic Mug can be the best way to turn your favorite drink into the hot goodness that it initially was.

Keeping in mind the temperature drops during Christmas, Ember Ceramic Mug keeps your beverages at the most optimal temperature so that the caffeine addicts (even people preferring tea and soups) can enjoy their drink from the first sip to the last drop.

Where to Buy:

Help them keep their beverages warm with Ember Smart Mug. Get it on Amazon at $99.95

#2 Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug

Road trips and hot beverages? That’s what we call bliss. On a long trip with a never satiating thirst for your preferred beverage, Cauldryn with a 16-ounce capacity and a rechargeable battery that lasts as long as 10 hours is downright the perfect Christmas gift.

The ability to connect the mug to the Cauldryn official app to set preferred temperatures for different beverages, allows the user to manually control the temperature using the app’s custom dial.

From keeping your drinks lukewarm (or hot) to boiling water, brewing coffee, and cooking dried food, Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug is the best option for coffee junkies, workaholics, and travelers.

Where to Buy:

Get your loved ones ready for some traveling to their ideal destinations with Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug available on Amazon at $99.95.

8.   Plush Soft Toy

The velvety-soft texture craving for the little ones to hug them and cuddle with them all day makes plush toys an ideal Christmas gift to all those cute little buttons you know.

If they don’t like sleeping alone, the cushiony comfort will serve as a great company to help them sleep knowing their favorite buddy is with them, to protect them from all the grinchy monsters that are here to kill the Christmas vibes.

Top Choice

# Hallmark Large Giving Bear in Santa Hat

This teddy has a large corduroy ear which tells he is an avid listener and will always listen to their happy stories or sad whines about the silliest of things. The best part is the Santa hat that completes the holiday merrymaking and bookmarks with a heartfelt message, something an average teddy bear won’t understand.

Wishing someone a Christmas filled with warm and lovable hugs can not get any better than gifting them this bulky, yet super-soft teddy bear that says, ‘Cuddle with me!’. Either it’s a kid or an adult, this teddy bear will be there for always and forever- all they have to do is call, whisper or hug him silently.

Where to Buy:

The Giving Bear asks you to let it hug your favorite humans. Buy it now on Hallmark at $29.99

9.   Champagne

Visiting a beach, attending an event, staying home? Anything makes for a great excuse to indulge in champagne. A true champagne aficionado can relate to the feelings of ardor, love, and bubbliness that bond champagne and the humans together and just in case you know one, gifting a beautiful bottle of these absolute magic is the same as gifting strong and concentrated coffee to a caffeine addict.

With champagne in one hand and a flute glass in the other, discovering the magic and elevating Christmas vibes couldn’t get any better.

Top Choices

# Veuve Clicquot Rose

The non-vintage rose will swirl into the mouth, bursting flavors of fruit-based charm as soon as they sip this bliss disguised into a bottle of champagne. The fruity harmonious sensation and the perfect balance of elegance and flair give this champagne an upper hand over the others.

Either enjoyed in its true delicacy or complemented with duck, lamb, shrimp, and tuna, Veuve Clicquot Rose has a surprisingly consistent flavor of (somewhat) dried fruits with a contrast of freshly ripened cherries, raspberry, and strawberry with a hint of Viennese pastries!

Where to Buy: The luminous and equally luscious champagne in all its glory is available on ReserveBar for $70

10. Superfood Supplements

It’s 2020 and superfood supplements are real. You may always opt for superfoods, but contemplating and buying each superfood and then stacking them into the refrigerator is another level of plight. With everyone living a busy life, hardly having time to think about having nutritious meals, let alone cooking one, superfood supplements come into the picture as a boon.

Not only are they rich in nutrients with exceptionally high nutritional density, but the benefits they impart are also unparalleled and indeed unmatched. So, instead of the regular gifts that pop into your mind first, go with something that gifts health to your recipient- go with superfood supplements.

Top Choice

#SuperGreen TONIK

It’s rare to find a greens powder that has cognition boosting abilities, so what you see here is a gem. Working in 7 areas to help you achieve a better and fitter version of yourself, SuperGreen TONIK is highly efficacious at not just imparting general health benefits, but improving memory, strengthening the gut, and giving you a good-night sleep without any unnatural formulations.

With so much in just one pouch, your peep is sure to reap the benefits and thank you every morning for having woken up to a better version of himself without the aid of pesticides, insecticides, and all those tons of harmful chemicals. 

Where to Buy: The premium-grade greens powder, SuperGreen TONIK is available on its official website for $87 per tub.