If someone would ask me how many times I open my mails in a day, I’d say ‘multiple times’. With every bell or whistle, I’m compelled to look at my phone. It is now almost a habit to check what the cat just brought in. I am sure, this sounds like all of you reading the article. While standing to get your freshly brewed coffee, waiting in the doctor’s office, to an office commute, or a boring family occasion, we are constantly in touch with technology, clattering at the keyboards of our mobile phones and laptop to keep ourselves engaged.

This, in all brevity, fuels the concept of email marketing. With the explosion of all sorts of technology, you may be thinking that emails will go out of fashion soon. I mean newsletters, seriously? What year is it? 2002? But here’s the thing: nobody owns email. The fact that it’s absolutely free to use and fits at any platform gives it an upper hand as well. If this doesn’t sound convincing, let the numbers speak for itself. Roughly 2.8 billion people use emails as their main (sometimes only) tool of communication.

But isn’t email marketing tough?

What are the chances my business is going to see any rise in the conversions? The fact that email marketing is on the Internet doesn’t mean it has to be a complicated process. And what are the chances of growing your business without taking chances, anyway? Zilch.

Indeed, delivering personalized content through emails in order to make lasting relations with your customers can be tough (thanks, Einstein). However, with the boom in technology and marketing automation, email service providers have made the job easy for you. In a nutshell, all you have to do to start with email marketing is now buy an email marketing software. Next, you let the technology run its course and do all the hard work for you.

Having said that, there are a number of options available in the market. Choosing one that best fits your personal preferences can be overwhelming. But what am I here for? Below I’ve listed some of the best email marketing softwares that won’t just automate the email strategy. They will in fact help you produce higher conversion rates. Hit’em on the go!

10 Email Marketing Softwares That Can Help You Skyrocket Your Sales in 2020

  • HubSpot

It’d be an absolute shame to miss out on this high-end email marketing software that can literally take your business to the moon. Were you advertising so far and didn’t know where all your money was going? You were clearly headed in the wrong direction. The powerful email marketing software has all the bells and whistles you want in an email marketing software. This results in an extremely high deliverability rate.

However, if you just want an email marketing software that does just the job, you probably don’t need HubSpot. But, if you want to go out there (maybe pound your chest a little). Rev up your marketing game, HubSpot can be your Man (backbone) Of Steel!

Ideal For: Organisations and companies looking to improve performance across their entire marketing funnel can make great use of HubSpot. It’s ideal for B2B businesses and agencies working on a larger level.

Pricing: HubSpot doesn’t come off cheap. The least you start with is $50/m. The subscription keeps spiking up to about a maximum of $2000/m. Don’t get judgy already- the quality speaks for the price!

  • Moosend:

Let me tell you a secret: Great emails don’t need luck. Only versatile and powerful features to make them a success. How? Moosend is how. With Moosend, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to get around to utilizing the tools the software has to offer. With an easy-to-interpret interface, you’d be hard-pressed to find another tool. It can simply bolster email marketing to an unbelievable extent for you.

Moosend doesn’t have a very robust toolset as that of Hubspot. However, it does offer you all the possible features that you would need to start your email marketing. Without requiring much client training. This is what makes Moosend one of the top contenders in the list of pre-eminent email marketing softwares.

Ideal For: It is a good option for small agencies who have just started venturing into the vertical of email marketing. The nonprofits can use Moosend to keep in contact with their real-time customers without burning a hole in their wallets.

Pricing: You can get access to all the features in the premium version starting from $10/month. There is also a free trial that shall ideally be a good place to start. It doesn’t require a credit card either.

  • MailChimp:

MailChimp and its oddly charming and aesthetic monkey spring to my mind first when someone talks of ‘great’ newsletter tools. Why? First, I like the monkey (I do). Second, MailChimp has been dominating the automation industry through its seamless controls. The full-fledged automation features have given it an edge ever since it started into the email marketing segment.

The star player of email marketing, MailChimp has now added a domain. It also houses CRM features and website builder. With a website hosting, it is now a complete marketing automation solution. This is a huge selling point for Mailchimp to stay a cut above the rest. It stands out enough to attract a new target audience that can now work on all aspects of email marketing. All in a familiar feature framework.

With CRM at the core, and automation draping its top, MailChimp is the email marketing software that can tie your business together. It doesn’t just help you send a few bells and whistles. It, in fact, helps actually hit the ground running by marketing your business. That too in an expansive range of cleverly-executed ways.

Ideal For: Catering to the request of its SMB customers, MailChimp has evolved into an all-in-one marketing platform. Ideal for enterprises and businesses, MailChimp is for those serious about making an impression in email marketing.

Pricing: MailChimp has a free plan that allows you to start with (surprisingly). Not just that, but the free plan has a generous list of features too. This gives you a friction-free taste of what will be offered in its full-course paid subscriptions. The paid structure of MailChimp starts from $9.99/month and escalates to more than $299/month.

  • SendinBlue:

SendinBlue is one company that ‘knows’ what it’s doing. I mean, so many other email marketing softwares do not even have well-rounded workflow automation. Let alone landing page editing and flexibility of templates.

Geared towards increasing conversions, SendinBlue boasts a well-equipped workflow-based automation feature. It is surprisingly more than just a newsletter service. With appreciable delivery rates, opt-in/ out processes, and timely email management, SendinBlue is so much more. In a nutshell, it is an all-in-one solution to starting your business the right way!

Ideal For: If your game is trigger-based emails based on purchase data, SendinBlue is the EMS for you. One-on-one campaigns and transactional emails are best delivered through SendinBlue’s dynamic personalization and cost-efficient service.

Pricing: Unlike other email marketing software providers, SendinBlue charges on the basis of the number of emails sent per account. Taking that into consideration, the premium subscription starts from $25/month for 10,000 mails.

  • AutoPilot:

If marketing automation sounds hopelessly complicated to you, Autopilot can be your teacher; Not the ‘bores you to death’ kind of teacher, but the ‘gets you a straight-A through its lessons’ kind. If you have a website, cold leads in your database and new customers boarding your ship, Autopilot is going to help you. How? By taking a lot of the weight off your shoulder. It doesn’t just generate and nurture leads, it segments your audience into groups. The strategy helps you have personalized communication with each of your customers.

If you aren’t a tech junkie, you can have a hard time navigating through some email marketing automation softwares. How can they push you deep into the bottom and ask you to swim? Thankfully, Autopilot is one of the good ones. The flexible interface, multiple language options, and innovative templates make Autopilot a great option. It shall allow you to set the foot into the marketing industry without tumbling down.

Ideal For: Hands down the best tool for marketing automation. Period. Autopilot’s forte, as the name suggests, is marketing the right message to the right customer at the right time. That’s how it works.

Pricing: The thing about high-end products is that they don’t come off cheap. After all, they are here to do business, too! If that’s any justification, Autopilot’s monthly plan starts from $49/month.

  • Omnisend:

Omnisend isn’t just another new kid on the block, it’s the popular and the ‘charming’ one that everybody seems to like. Quickly escalating to a leading marketing automation platform for eCommerce, Omnisend has earned a name for itself in a short span of time. From automated emails to push notifs to SMSs, the company features it all. Omnisend with its integrations with Instagram, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, WhatsApp, etc, claims to increase the CTR tenfolds.

It isn’t one of the easiest softwares to navigate. Thus, start with a free trial first. Trying scuba diving without knowing how to swim isn’t going to help you!

Ideal For: Aimed and built to cater to eCommerce in specific, this versatile software hooks into most eCommerce platforms. From virtual cards to birthday discounts, Omnisend knows its way around the eCommerce industry!

Pricing: If you want to go Pro, you’ll need a subscription that costs about $199/month for 10,000 contacts. Remember this software isn’t an ideal choice for those who have started as novices. You (guys) aren’t a match if you’re still learning your way around email marketing. If you are one of the beginners, it’d be nugatory to purchase Omnisend, unless you’re Richie Rich, of course.

  •  ActiveCampaign:

Remember the punchline ‘Why fear when underdog is here?’ Well, ActiveCampaign has definitely risen above its competition and now is the top-dog of the marketing automation vertical. How did ActiveCampaign manage to get more than 90,000 customers on board? The answer is easy. They organically built a product that isn’t just easy to use. It is also one of the most economic and rich automation softwares in the market.

Pioneering the art of understanding blended with technology, ActiveCampaign has come up with a builder. It’s much unlike the others. With ActiveCampaign’s builder, you can navigate through the software without scratching your head, wondering how things move. Usually, starting with email marketing requires you to hire expensive consultants and training to go through the processes, not ActiveCampaign. The revenue-boosting features with A/B split tests allow your automation sequences to optimize themselves. At LITERALLY the 1/10th of the price of most other email marketing softwares.

Ideal For: ActiveCampaign is great for small businesses and enterprises looking to channel their revenues through email marketing. ActiveCampaign isn’t just user friendly but apparently, pocket-friendly too!

Pricing: ActiveCampaign distributes its plans on four bases: Lite (from $15/month) and Plus (from $70/month).

The Professional plan (from $159/month) is ideal for consultants and automation experts. The Enterprise (from $279/month) as the name suggests can be greatly conventional for small B2Bs, B2Cs. It is a viable option for entry-level organizations too.

  • Pabbly Email Marketing:

When you’re starting with email marketing, I am guessing you want to grow your business and not your bills. In that case, Pabbly is the unicorn you’ve been looking for and it brings you candies. What? Yes!  Disguised as tools aligned to make your business grow. Pabbly has its inbuilt SMTP but it also works with other SMTP providers to send unlimited emails with a 99% delivery rate.

If this doesn’t convince you, get this. All you have to do to start with your email campaigns is sign up. I Where does the technical expertise go? It’s never there in the first place because that’s how easy it is to navigate through the tools. True to the core, they are designed for easy access to anyone from you and me to Elon Musk.

The best part about using Pabbly is that you can access all the features without limiting yourself to some tools. They don’t believe in restraining you; only because you can’t afford to make a dent in your wallet. Pabbly sells subscriptions on the basis of subscribers. Thus, you get access to all the features when you opt for a $1 plan or a $100 plan with Pabbly

Alert: The pricings don’t really start from $1, it’s not mint!

Ideal For: Pabbly Email Marketing is possibly the best for automating your sales and working on the rookie-level. It has a live chat feature. No, not the bot thingy that pesters without helping out so that you can get in touch with the team for any queries or issues.

Pricing: Pabbly has divided its plans on the basis of subscribers. The Forever Free account as the name suggests is free of cost. Only requesting a sign-up, you can be ready to roll as soon as you are signed up!

At $29, you can send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers and or dispatch emails to 15,000 at $49 per month. The advanced subscription is charged monthly at $99 for 50,000 subscribers. You can get in touch with the team if you want a plan for your enterprise.

  • Ontraport:

How do you make people listen when there’s too much noise in the spectrum you’re trying to reach? It’s easy- you start making the noise where it’s silent and start making an impact. Ontraport does the same with its ability. Not only does it allow communication through email and social platforms but also outside of the virtual world. This may not be enough to topple giants like HubSpot and SendinBlue, but it’s not a long way off.

There’s no denying that Ontraport packs some cool features. You are sure to find yourself enjoying the sophisticated marketing automation offered. True multi-channel marketing with high scalability and less price creep makes Ontraport one of the most reliable email marketing softwares in the industry of marketing automation.

There is a full suite of marketing automation tools specifically aimed at helping the eCommerce functionality of online stores. With occasional events for entrepreneurs, Ontraport gives its customers the opportunity to reach more leads where there is less competition. Isn’t that all we want?

Ideal For: Small Businesses, sellers of information products, and membership websites can avail of the wide expanse of features offered by Ontraport to their list size and automation sequences.

Pricing: The pricing starts from $79/ month and can go as high as 479/month depending on the number of contacts. Ontraport, unfortunately, doesn’t have a free trial, but you can access a free demo while you sign up. In the worst-case scenario, if things don’t turn out as you expected, Ontraport offers a 90-day money-back guarantee (with no setup or cancellation costs).

  • Rejoiner:

It’s okay if you can not always come up with quality content for your email campaigns; Rejoiner with its great creatives turns minimal content into cleverly played-out email THAT SELLS! The only thing is that great-smelling perfumes come with a hefty price-tag, the same goes for Rejoiner. If you wish to utilize its à la carte services, you’d have to be able to afford it as most clients belonging to eCommerce have at least a $5 million revenue range.

Rejoiner isn’t just an email marketing software, it’s like your personal consultant. Uhun, it can play a key role in the explosive growth of your business. The best part about them is their proactive approach and expertise in customer analysis. This helps you make informed decisions based on the customer’s history.

Rejoiner can be so much more than an automation software to you, it doesn’t just have a respectable ROI, and consistent performance, but the integrations are so easy that you can get your first cart abandonment campaign up and running in less than a week. In a nutshell, it’s like owning a team of market experts, only at a fraction of what you will have to actually pay to own one.

Ideal For: Still learning the ropes in email marketing? Rejoiner can be a valuable asset to help grow your eCommerce, which in fact, is their expertise, while also giving you a deeper understanding of the complete customer life cycle.

Pricing: Rejoiner offers its services starting from $1000/month for the Recover Package and add-ons initially start from $500/month.