What’s your new year’s resolution?

 Ah, the same from the past 100 years- getting fitter and healthier. (*Awkward silence follows!)

Every year we swear to get back in shape, or eat more whole foods, or get more sleep but something or the other always goes wrong. Sometimes we religiously workout in the gym for months and see no results, ultimately dissolving all those new year resolutions in a glass of dismay, or sometimes feed ourselves with so much ‘healthy food’ that the next day, we don’t even want to look at those greens.

As I said, something or the other always goes wrong, and there go our new year health resolutions mocking us for leaving them in the way in the first half of the year. So, what do you do? How about adding some extra motivation to your workout and lifestyle, one that will actually help you see the results you want from your body?


No, don’t get me wrong- I am not saying buying all the possible supplements you find online and stacking them alone without deliberately working out or trying to make a change in your lifestyle would be any good. However, when you have them on your side, you actually start seeing results- you make the cut faster and with more prominence, and you actually start feeling better for a change.

Whether you belong to the keto crew or fall under the paleo-gladiators, or suffer from an ectomorph build, or couldn’t seem to burn down some fat- I’ve got you all covered.

I’ll take you through a list of all the dietary and fitness supplements that you can make use of in 2021 that aren’t about fancy names or whooping prices but actually efficacious and worthy enough to be investing your time into.

Let us all raise ‘supplements’ to a better you in 2021!

Top 10 Fitness and Dietary Supplements to help crush your 2021 Health Goals

Did you ever take a walk to the supplement store with a laundry list for 2021, and just when you stared down the supplements and vitamins aisle, you thought, ‘This isn’t for me. Am I never going to get this right’?

Right, we’ve all been there!

With so many supplement brands popping up in the market with every breath you take (that may be a little exaggerated), especially when so many of them promote dubious marketing strategies or contain cheap excipients and a price label that isn’t even half worth the ingredients inside the bottle, choosing those that best fit into your spectrum of fitness goals can be tough and overwhelming.

So, should you give up on supplements completely? Of course not! How am I supposed to keep going with this post, then?

All you have to do is, sit back, get a notepad, and go through this exhaustive list of supplements and understand what you want out of them to achieve your goals.

P.S.: The list has been prepared, keeping the new year sales and discounts that are currently ongoing in mind (on most of the supplements).

So, while you say ‘Hello!’ to health, say ‘Yay!’ to savings too!

1. Multivitamins

It’s pretty hard to eat a well-rounded, healthy diet amidst so much pressure that keeps piling up from work and home in equal proportions. We are constantly asked to soldier up and say, I got things to do; places to be.

Having said that, it gets pretty hard to fill up on the vitamins and minerals that you miss out on when you do not consume a comprehensively nutritional diet. This is where the multivitamin supplements come in. Even when you’re living a healthy life and getting all that you want from your food, it isn’t enough to be your BEST self, and the addition of multivitamin supplements can make way to unlock superior health.

With different hormonal changes and body composition, men and women have different requirements of vitamin intake, which is why getting a gender-specific multivitamin can be better for you.

Although, the lack of knowledge combined with the general overwhelm may get you bad when you ask yourself which one actually works.

You’re in good company if you’ve been asking yourself that. I’ve got you covered in the next two supplements that have even the wellness zeitgeists drooling.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamin (for men)

Aimed at serving athletes with superior nutrition and enhanced performance, Opti-Men Multivitamin is a foundational product that lays the basics to all diet and supplement strategies. Brimming with 75 ingredients and 300 mg of B-complex vitamins, Opti-Men is far ahead of its competition by providing double the ingredients at pretty much the same price.

Keeping men’s health in mind, Opti-men Multivitamin has a PhytoMen Blend and ViriMen Blend that actively support the functional well-being of the male body. The PhytoMen Blend has 20 ingredients, including green tea and elderberry powder, that promote all-around health.

The ViriMen Bend, on the other hand, is focused on improving the sexual health of men; that is one core concern starting to chip away at your morale once you hit the thirty-five’s barrier. The 7 exotic botanicals and marine extracts with 18 fruits and veggie concentrates make ON Opti-Men Multivitamin the best you can get.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women Multivitamin (for women)

Created by Optimum Nutrition, Opti-women Multivitamin has 40 ingredients that include gender-specific herbs to help active women reap the most benefits from the supplement. Marketed as ‘a comprehensive multivitamin for the active women’, Opti-Women Multivitamin bolsters your workout performance and recovery.

Tailored specifically for women, it has about 18 mg iron per serving, other than vitamin C, which is great for the skin, and a higher dose of Calcium to help tackle bone problems. The key vitamins and minerals in the supplement are a unique combination that incorporates the most in a single, convenient, and all-in-one pill to give your body the best it deserves.

2. Probiotics

Have you seen advertisements for the good and bad bacteria? That pretty much sums up the whole of the probiotics segment. The probiotics supplements, in other words, the good bacteria-containing pills, are shining their name in the fitness columns of fancy magazines, given their part in bettering the gut and enhancing the microbiome function.

If Kombucha and yogurt are too much, trying on probiotic supplements can be the best option for conscientious eaters. These fight infections, boost immunity, and assist in digestion, all under the same roof.

Looking beyond the crowded clutter of tips to improve gut health, probiotics, have for a reason, become the top-rated supplements in the health and fitness market, taking 2021 by storm already!

Prime Health ProbioticBALANCE

Is it improving gut health? Check. Bettering immune system? Double-check. Are you losing weight? This is where Prime Health ProbioticBALANCE stands out amidst its competitors with weight management properties. Brimming with 5.75 billion CFUs including:

  • Lactobacillus casei to relieve anxiety and improve mental health.
  • Bifidobacterium breve to improve digestion and digestive health.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus to keep the fauna in the G.I. tract diverse, and so much more, ProbioticBALANCE has some of the most utilising and important good bacteria strains.

This is what makes Prime Health Probiotic the best amongst all the formulas available in the segment.  The addition of pound-shedding probiotics means you won’t just have diverse gut health but also a slimmer waist and sculpted abs.

3. Protein Powder

From ‘cute animals’ and ‘romantic poems’ to ‘protein,’ the way Pinterest incorporated protein as an important and trending lifestyle search tells a lot about our protein obsession. It isn’t really limited to protein balls and bars anymore, and there’s more such as protein bagels and protein noodles.

I am not sure if you’ll believe it, but now there’s protein water, too, as if protein coffee wasn’t enough.

But am I complaining? I am not! Protein is an important part of the muscle-building equation; however, supplement brands misleading people with the so-called protein boosted foods that without any ‘protein-boosting’ had incorporated enough protein, have been steering people in all the wrong directions.

Sure, protein supplements help in weight management, adding muscles, stacking in on some additional nutrition, and enhanced recovery and repair of the muscles.

But, so many supplements and one to choose from- what do you do?

Choose something that can let you look beyond the anxiety of getting enough protein (because all you have to do for that is EAT good food) and actually be efficacious enough to support your goals, whether it’s bulking out, losing weight, or building endurance.

Keeping in mind the fact that both men and women have different requirements of protein, I’ve best divided the general idea of ‘protein for fitness’ into three segments: Men, Women, and Plant-Based!

Now that I am done with the terribly long rant let’s take a quick dive into what all the three supplements have in store for us!

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey (for men)

When you’re confused about which to choose between whey concentrate and whey isolate or whey peptides- choose Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey. For starters, every whey has its own benefits, which means that the isolate may be low on calories and pack the highest amount of protein but concentrate, although having lesser protein, may have CLA and phospholipids that contribute to better health. Whey peptides, on the other hand, are broken down faster and absorb quickly.

Having said that, you may want to reap the benefits of all the three kinds of whey but dishearteningly limit to one that fits your goals the ‘best.’ With ON Gold Standard 100% Whey, you don’t have to stay within the barriers of choosing just one, when this revolutionary protein powder infuses all of them into one. That, in my opinion, is the best tactic to get them all working together to give you optimum results.

Apart from whey, Optimum Nutrition Gold Whey has lactase and amino gen that help to prevent bloating from lactose, digesting it quickly and making it easy on the stomach. The addition of sunflower lecithin enhances the mixability of the delicious drink available in many flavors. Instead of sugar, the powder contains acesulfame potassium, which is multiple times sweeter, yet shows no negative effects in optimum amounts.

One scoop of the powder delivers an impressive 24 grams of protein and 1 gram of carbs, which makes it a solid-buy for everyone, no matter what their comprehensive fitness goals are.

IdealLean Protein (for women)

With the vision to promote women’s health in a dominant male industry, IdealFit has been delivering some of the highest-quality products for women to celebrate womanhood to its fullest. IdealLean Protein is one supplement from IdealFit that has been on the top of the chart ever since we’ve known of protein designed especially for women.

Unlike concentrate that packs humongous amounts of calories, reversing the effects of fat loss training, IdealLean Protein packs a whopping 20 grams of protein isolate that is more whey and fewer calories- the key to building lean muscle mass and losing weight.

Smoothening the process of post-workout recovery, IdealLean Protein is an efficient supplement that aims to give muscles a speedy recovery from their depleted state post an intensive workout session. The powder curbs my hunger for sugar and junk, which is more than great for whenever I do see a Starbucks or KFC, I couldn’t resist too long.

Satiating appetite and hitting fat at just the right point are two feats of IdealLean Protein that do deserve some appreciation. Talking about the former, if you take one serving during the morning as an intra-workout supplement, there are high chances you’d feel too full for lunch in the noons.

The addition of vitamin D makes the powder stand out against the rest, besides the fact that it incorporates absolutely no fat or cholesterol. IdealFit knows their tastes, and they know a lot of them. With so many flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that you will fall in love with. The mixability is impressive, considering it has sunflower lecithin, and the fact that it doubles as a vitamin D supplement makes it a wonderful addition to every woman’s stack who is trying to achieve those sculptings and cuttings.

Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder (vegan alternative)

In a world where people are fanatic about whey, a vegan alternative is often overlooked. When I talk of protein, I am pretty sure whey protein was the first that must have occurred to you. However, if your stomach can’t handle dairy or you want to puke at the term ‘lactose,’ whey protein is definitely not made for you.

That said, you still want those muscles and recover faster from your workout sessions; what do you do? You opt for a plant-based protein. These aren’t just friendly to lactose-intolerant people, and they are also a low-calorie solution if you are trying to lose weight.

However, plant-based protein powders can be expensive, and to add insult to the injury, some of them may not even workout- not the same with Orgain Organic Protein Powder.

It isn’t just incredibly affordable but highly efficacious, with 21 grams of protein per serving and merely 150 calories. One of the most established vegan protein brands, Orgain Organic Protein Powder, is one of the bestselling supplements from Orgain. It doesn’t just help in muscle building or speedy recovery, but countless consumers rave about the cutting and weight loss benefits that come stringing along.

With two different sweeteners other than Stevia, the powder has a surprisingly creamy base, which you aren’t expected to find in other plant-based protein powders. Somewhat tasting overwhelmingly nutty (of peanuts) and vanilla (the Vanilla Bean flavor), the product is highly palatable with water, without compromising on the ‘cream base.’

Thus, if you are out of luck and couldn’t find a whey-protein alternative that works out equally well for both men and women, without compromising on the taste, Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder is your go-to.

4. Superfood Powder

First came protein, and then came foam rollers, but 2020 is all about superfood supplements. The buzzword seems to be trending every place, from a dietician’s column to healthcare blogs and fitness magazines.

Obviously, you’re thinking of them as just another hype that people are going crazy about, but it’s real- superfoods are actually SUPER and not just another ‘super hype that retracts as quickly as it takes over the world.

These supplements are conveniently available at any local drug store and are a staple in a health junkie’s cupboard. Why? Let’s count- they have a high nutritional density to bridge those food gaps, they have additional vitamins, adaptogens, and minerals that would be hard to find in just any superfood like avocado or quinoa if you buy them separately, and they are so versatile that you can add them to smoothies, stir with soups, mix them in your shakes, and whatnot! Apart from this, they are cost-efficient and affordable, all while enhancing your nutrient uptake exponentially and preventing chronic diseases- in short, making your life easier and healthier!

To wrap it up, superfood supplements are like the metaphorical icings on your nutritional cake!

Garden of Life Superfood Juiced Greens Powder

Before we start with how efficacious and earthly this superfood powder is, let me quickly give you an insight into the maker company. Garden of Life is a B certified corporation, and that certification isn’t just anything- any company with that certificate has to go through a tough check and work sustainably hard to get there. This translates to the fact that when you buy from a company that has the trust of so many, you don’t have to scratch your head to scrutinize whether you are getting the right thing for yourself.

Now the supplement- Garden of Life Superfood Juiced Greens Powder is more nutrient-dense than about six glass of whole leaf powder drinks, packing a heavy punch of antioxidants and organic greens per serving. The ingredients have been juiced and dried within an hour of bringing them into the lab, right after the harvest, which means they do not have to go through rigorous processing, which kills the nutritional value at the end.

Per serving of these greens, the powder provides you with antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients, and something that many brands miss out on – naturally occurring chlorophyll. Aimed at improving your digestion, revving up the immune system, leveling up the metabolism, and bolstering the energy levels all while detoxifying your body of chemicals, Garden of Life Superfood Juiced Greens powder is absolutely the perfect food that you didn’t know existed!

5. Sleeping Aid

Do you ever wonder how nice it would have been if you could be lulled into sleep with some rhyme or bedtime story? There’s just one problem, though- you’re an adult, and this isn’t fairyland!

But I don’t exactly promote the sleep-enhancing pills they sell over the counter. Why? For starters, they are habit-forming, and for the cessation, they pose serious health risks when taken over a long period. Then why’s sleeping aid included in the post in the first place? That’s because we aren’t talking about any sleeping pill that you’re gonna find OTC, pop it and wake up the next day with a brain fog that renders your mind helpless.

There are multiple sleeping supplements that aren’t just safe but also capable of coddling you like a baby without making you feel like your mind is a mushy mess the next day. The one listed below falls into this campus of out-of-the-box sleeping aids.

Performance Lab Sleep

For any fitness supplement, the key to success is always the ingredients, and Performance Lab has aced that segment with carefully selected superior ingredients and cutting-edge formulations using innovative technologies.

Unlike other sleeping pills, Performance Lab Sleep induces natural sleep, striving for ultra-modern clinical-range dosages that are the most efficacious at helping you catch some z’s without disrupted sleeping patterns.

The state-of-the-art supplement has been sourced from natural ingredients that include magnesium lactate from Sea Buckthorn and melatonin from the branded upgrade of Montmorency tart cherry, called CherryPURE® Montmorency Tart Cherry. The CherryPURE® Montmorency Tart Cherry provides synergistic encouragement of melatonin production in the body, allowing freedom from spasms, ache, and excessive limb movements.

The vegan, non-GMO, nootropic stack helps extend regenerative sleep phases so that you can be primed to perform upon waking the following day. What sets it apart is a little-throw gift- the enhanced cell renewal, which unlike the OTC sleeping pills, relaxes your body, relieving it of fatigue and pain.

The suggested serving is two pills before hitting the bed, however, if you have been overwhelmed with insomnia lately, tossing and turning in your bed and waking up in the middle of the night for a reason at all, I’d suggest you take three, and in no time, you’ll be lulled into dreamland like a baby.

The Nutricaps do not have a distinctive taste, so you need not worry about burps. What are Nutricaps, though? These registered trademark capsules of Opti-Nutra (the company that launched Performance Lab) are made from pullulan, unlike the cognizant brands that use gelatin, so it’s not just what’s inside the pill that is good for your body; it’s the caps too!

Indeed state-of-the-art!

6. MCT Oil

Any of your favorite celebrities on your social media go keto yet? I’m sure at least one of them did. With people turning to keto diets faster than ever, the advocates of a healthy keto regimen always bring up the exceptionally popular addition to it- MCT Oil Supplements.

MCTs medium-chain triglycerides are saturated fat with a unique molecular structure that sets them apart from the other fats, thus making them a powerful addition to any ketogenic diet.  MCT Oil, usually derived from coconut or palm, has numerous benefits that include antimicrobial effects, increased energy, and easy absorption by the body.

MCT oil supplements are available either in oil form or in powder; however, the powder form is hard for beginners to hold up, which is why, if you’ve just started with keto and MCTs, go for the powder.

Were you having the slightest thought of going keto? You should make the run for it, and with MCT Oil supplements by your side, you can have everything you want to achieve from ketosis!

Sports Research Premium MCT Oil

Setting apart the MCT, which is an obvious addition to any regular MCT powder, Sports Research MCT Oil Powder has prebiotic fiber (acacia gum) to say a happy ‘hello!’ to your gut. The most comprehensive and yet detailed solution to adding energy-dense fatty acids and fiber to your diet, this MCT Oil powder is a tasty and easy alternative to the MCT oils that go hard on you in order to let you make something good out of them.

Sourced from 100% non-GMO coconuts, Sports Research MCT Oil Powder is a dietary supplement that isn’t just affordable but also a comparatively better option to palm oil MCTs that we generally consider the cheapest option to stock up on MCTs.

Why? Palm oil MCT may look like the cheapest versions to get; however, they are not as effective as coconut oil, and cutting down of palm trees for supplements is also linked to deforestation and destruction of the rainforests; therefore, between both, coconut sourced MCT is of maximum potential and the best way to show your care for the planet!

It’s creamy, unlike the other powders that have a hard time mixing, and with Prebiotic Acacia and emulsified MCT in Sports Research MCT Oil Powder, fuelling your brain and body couldn’t get easier.

7. Energy Booster

Have you been experiencing mid-day crashes or maybe getting up in the morning and still slithering like you haven’t slept for years? Or maybe you’ve had a long day, and you’re too exhausted to drag yourself to the gym!

Flagging energy is the worst nightmare for all.

With millions of people suffering from low energy levels, yanked down by the necessities of life in the need to soldier up and take the world by storm, and energy booster comes like a boon.

But we do already have caffeine, the common crutch to most people in need of some instant spike. Although caffeine does give you a rush of energy, it crashes harder than it spikes up the energy levels.

Therefore, stepping aside from the gimmicks, let’s explore an energy booster that doesn’t just fight lower energy levels but actually fuels your body with a constant supply of that motivation that you need in 2021!

Performance Lab Energy

No exaggeration, but there are so many energy-boosting supplements in the market promising you big, using phrases like ‘burst of energy’ or ‘increased concentration’ or ‘improve the next seven lives you have,’ that choosing one can get overwhelmingly baffling.

However, Performance Lab Energy cuts through the drama to bring you what you need in the most simple yet sophisticated way possible- energy to drive through the day. If you’re already on your fourth cup of coffee, ready to go fetch the fifth, sighing in despondence about how you’ve grown resistant to it, Performance Lab Energy can definitely help.

The surprising part is that although it is capable of fuelling you throughout =out the day, it has no stims (including caffeine) so, a big high five to all the caffeine intolerant people! With Micro active Coq10, and other carefully selected ingredients, Performance Lab energy can help you with anything- whether it’s gaining peak vitality, effective fat metabolism, or supreme athleticism.

The stim-free vitality booster gives you a constant supply of energy through its star child- branded upgrade of CoQ10 MicroActive Q10 that restores energy levels and enhances the bioavailability of naturally produced CoQ10 (in the body) to spark cell energy and protect mitochondria from the free radicals cause degradation of the energy levels.

8. BCAA Powder

When you look at the muscle growth equation, BCAAs have been positioned quite supremely in the protein segment. It is a no-brainer that amino acids are what make protein and what does protein build?

Right. Muscles.

BCAA powders, if you haven’t heard of them before, are essential nutritional supplements that contain BCAA (duh!) or Branched Amino Acids, namely, leucine, Isoleucine, and valine. These essential amino acids, unfortunately, can’t be produced in the body; however, they are an important facet to body-building, which is why BCAA powders (as knights in shining armors) make them readily available to get those coveted muscles we so desperately crave.

From repair and recovery to buffing up or leaning out, BCAA powders can do it all, and the best part? They are insanely tasty.

Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine (pre, intra, and post-workout)

CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is aimed at athletes and recreational gym-goers who often feel too exhausted after intensive training and workout. ‘Repair and Recovery’ is the tagline of the makers, Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine is hands down the best BCAA powder to significantly help you recover faster from every training session of your grueling exercise regimen.

Packed with five ingredients that, with all the transparency, have been featured in the ingredients label, contained in almost double the dosage for maximum efficacy, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is one of the high-end BCAA powders that doubles as a fat burner (to some extent).

L-Leucine increases the functional status of the muscles in the supplement, while Isoleucine helps in hemoglobin synthesis and Valine aids in the improvement of metabolism. The powder is highly palatable with water, and apart from tasting irresistible with other healthy beverages, you can stack it with Whey Protein to see optimum results in a faster span of time. Stacking CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine with a creatine powder will provide you with increased energy for intense burnouts.

The powder is efficacious in a number of spectrum-specific actions such as:

  • protein synthesis to actively help you get buffed up and put on some lean muscles
  • fatigue reduction by manipulating and lowering the production of serotonin in the brain that contributes to early-onset tiredness and exhaustion
  • reducing exercise-induced muscle damage with hastening the process of wear and tear, thus, allowing you to perform even better the next day
  • Accelerating fat loss through rapid ‘repair and recovery.’

Transparent Labs CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is legit the must-have weapon to a bodybuilder’s arsenal – it isn’t just cost-effective but also pretty in line with the other BCAA powders, despite containing double the amount of ingredients in comparison to other brands.

IdealLean BCAA (weight loss)

When you just want a lean build, cutting and toning some muscles and eradicating fat from all the places you don’t want, athletic BCAA powders aren’t worth investing your money into.

IdealLean BCAA powders can help you tone out, get those sculpted muscles, and cut down fat so that you can flaunt your bikini body all year long. However, let me give you a headstart; IdealLean is a supplement line that precisely crafts supplements keeping the goal and build of WOMEN in mind, so just in case you’re a man, this isn’t the place for you.

The most notable part of the supplement is that, apart from being a pre-workout supplement aimed at recovery and endurance-building, it also stacks up as an efficacious fat burner (with the inclusion of ThermoDiamine).

All that you need, right?

There’s more: it has additional benefits that are imparted from the countless vitamins added in the supplement. Vitamins from IdealLean BCAA provide for skin replenishment, reverse the effects of aging, fine out wrinkles, and keep the skin supple. Unless you’re god’s favorite child, you’re sure to suffer from rough, patchy skin in winters and IdealLean being an ideal source of B-Vitamins is the best solution to keeping yourself hydrated and your skin firm and moisturized.

Not a replacement to water, obviously!

IdealLean BCAA powder is supplemented with ingredients that increase blood flow to overcome post-workout soreness before you could even experience it. Containing 7 grams of instantized BCAA (which is HUGE) per serving, IdealLean helps repair muscle damage faster than the average placebo drink to get back in the game and burn a notable amount of fat through intensive training.  From Dragon fruit to Blueberry pomegranate, the powder is available in a number of flavors, all of which are too irresistible to not get your hands on!

9. Nootropics Booster

Ever went to a room hopping and tweeting, and just when you stepped in, you went like, “Wait, why am I here? I don’t know,”?

Weak memory!

Nootropics can help. These supplements are designed to purport to improve cognition and enhance memory and focus. If you turn it around, they help you get SMARTER!

How do they do that? These supplements have multiple ingredients that are a constant staple of Silicon Valley trends, working in coordination to enhance the capabilities of the mind. If you think this is just another The Invisible Man or Frankenstein experiment, it’s not!

Not only the lucky psycho active dabblers but even people with an average I.Q. and poor concentration and not so impressive cognitive abilities (that they can flaunt on monster.com) have seen noticeable improvements.

Nootropic supplements lay two tents in the same industry: one tent (you know what the analogy means) bolsters the effects of caffeine that bolster the energy levels in the body, the other tent mimics its high.

When you have caffeine, why do you need a nootropic supplement? Has drinking coffee daily gotten you any smarter? No, right. You still take 10 seconds to do a math calculation, instead of 0.1. This is because, in order for caffeine to work as a nootropic, it has to be available in high amounts, and a high amount of caffeine is very synonymous with nausea, jitters, and half-day ruins (everybody hates that!).

This is why nootropic supplements usually contain caffeine and soothing excipients such as L-Theanine, or instead of infusing caffeine, some brands choose to concoct a cocktail of adaptogens that are herbal cognition enhancers.

I am personally not a very big fan of caffeine on the jitters associated with it, so let’s go with a supplement that gets your brain to unlock next level performance without seriously offending any caffeine intolerant individual here.

Vital Vitamins Nootropics Booster

Vital Brain Booster is a decent nootropic stack for its price range, with enough herbs and efficient dosages to help you feel the boost in your cognitive. The high-quality nootropics infused in the supplements improve cognitive abilities using key-nutrient supplementation.

Apart from being highly effective, the supplement is non-GMO, contains no caffeine, and is free from any allergens (such as soy), gluten, and hormones. The star player of Vital Brain Booster, Bacopa Monnieri, works to better your cognitive performance and the vitamins, especially B12, protect the brain from free radicals, allowing it better health.

Energizing the mind to its optimum state can never get any easier than with the Vital Brain Booster that improves rationalization and logical skills while greatly helping you look beyond the edge to explore the creativity of the different parallel.

I know the name can sound a little gimmicky, but the supplement has time-and-time proved itself to be on the top of the brain-boosting game, not just flexing the incredibly low price but the friendliness to caffeine intolerant individuals and vegans.

Other than providing a colossal upfront, the ingredients in the supplement support your brain in the long run with carefully selected herbs like Ginkgo Biloba, B12, and Bacopa Monnieri.

When a product makes promises to you, they are either fulfilled or broken, and if ever, Vital Brain Booster doesn’t work out for you, the company offers a 60-days 100% money-back guarantee.

That’s the kind of confidence I want in my life! (just kidding)

10. Omega-3 Capsules

If Omega-3 Capsules were a star celebrity, they would probably be Taylor or RiRi. Why? Just like these queens of the music world are the most played singers, Omega-3 capsules are the most bought supplement in the health and fitness industry.

I am not sure why I made that reference, but you probably get the point.

According to the latest data, people have started flashing all the limelight at Omega-3 supplements, and for all the good reasons. Painted in all the colors of a multi-benefitting stack, omega-3 capsules are legit supplements that everyone (and I repeat everyone) needs.

From fighting depression to improving eye health to abating risk factors related to cardiac well-being and so much more, omega-3 supplements are the rainbows following the gloomy storm.

We’ve always considered omega-3 supplements to be derived from fish oil, but vegans, you don’t have to be scrunching your nose already because it’s nothing but a notion.

Omega-3 capsules can either be fish-based, krill-based, or sourced from plants (winking at all the vegans out there!), and the best options out there are vegan or krill based Omega-3 supplements.

Read on to know why!

Transparent Labs CoreSeries Krill Oil (derived from krill)

With so many ‘snake oils’ in the market, you’d probably want to go with a brand that screams transparency and authenticity- Transparent Labs is one of those brands. The CoreSeries Krill Oil derived from those tiny, shrimp-like creatures you see on National Geography is one of the best and most efficacious omega-3 supplements you’ll find in the market.

But why krill oil when most omega-3 pills are derived from fishes? If you’ve ever given a thought about consuming omega-3 supplements, you must have heard about all they say about fish oil.

Fish oil at the end of the day (when not processed carefully) does more harm than it does good due to the extraction of fish from environments where it ingests industrial toxins and spills. Basically, when you’re popping omega-3 supplements made of fish-oil (there are exceptions, however), you are filling yourself with the toxins that the fish contained.

This is why T.L. makes their dietary supplement, upon condensing countless hours of research from the krills (Euphausia Superba) sourced from the pristine and purest water of Antarctica that have no toxins or industry spilling its waste into the ocean.

If you’re worried about the fishy burps that follow, let me tell you that CoreSeries Krill Oil has no distinctive aftertaste that causes any discomfort of that sort. The addition of astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, doesn’t just relieve the gut of inflammation but also aids in bettering eye health and improved erythrocyte antioxidant status.

The change in the structure of krill-oil in T.L.’s innovative supplement makes the omega-3 highly bioavailable, thus making it a perfect fit for both athletes and regular health-conscious people. Placing a high priority on R&D, the supplement has been designed to provide advanced nutrition options to people who are serious about their health and well-being.